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Domain Update: - Platinum Anabolics - Updated Order Details 2023

I must say I've been running the primobolan I recently got from Max with anavar I picked up a couple months back and the combo is amazing. Is it weird that I get a sense of wellbeing and happiness from the primobolan+anavar combo?
Results 11th October 2023:

#1 Platinum Anabolics Testosterone Enanthate – 244mg/ml – 98%

#2 Platinum Anabolics Primobolan Enanthate – 103mg/ml – 103%

#3 Platinum Anabolics EQUIPOISE – 210mg/ml – 105%

#4 Platinum Anabolics Tren E – 195mg/ml – 98%

#5 Platinum Anabolics Deca – 184mg/ml – 92%

#6 Platinum Anabolics Mast E – 210mg/ml – 105%

#7 Platinum Anabolics Tren A – 114mg/ml – 114%

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Questions or sales enquiries email Max - [email protected]
Loving the new orals and the sus250 is smooth no pip at all. Some gear porn...
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