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Domestic Supply - Pharmacom TestC250 is REAL and Strong w/ Roid Test

bros domestic supply and Greg have the real deal Pharmacom Labs has the #1 pharmacom testosterone, we all tested it and it's quality is the GOAT source, if you buy from Greg the quality and top gun trust is for sure
pharmacom labs coming from is g2g
we all support Greg and his gear quality
I have been buying from for years, quality trust and respect always for Greg, long and hard road with the legit source
I had doubts about pharmacom labs, but I have no doubts about pharmacom labs coming from Greg has the real pharmacom, there is no question about it, it's a FACT.
oh without a doubt! I just wanted to make sure the Pharmacom was you know safe since that one guy kept making unverified claims about the Aids. my WBC came within range, totally normal, no infections. that guy still hasnt showed any evidence about the aids comment! We're waiting!
I have doubts about all roidtests ))))
thank you bro) next time send to Janoshik and post results - and I will provide you store credit)
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