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Approved Log Dominion7 2nd Cycle TRT 180mg + 1ml 200 testosterone+ 1ml 300 Deca Durabolin + 1ml 200 Primobolan + 50mg Anavar Cycle Log

nice update you've got some good nutritious food there and I like the cardio inclusion
I feel ok, the cardarine definitely works for the 5am cardio & workout. But I keep looking at the damn scale...228 to 230 back and forth lol.. Also since I'm not lifting as much and getting that pump. I dont feel as big... but a lot of the pump before was from the var, damn I love that stuff... but 2 more weeks it will be back on. I've looked at myself so much I can't tell the difference since I first hit 228. I'll post a couple pics this weekend and get your take on it
@dominion7 cardarine always works when its clean bro :)

This was October last year 2023
Ok, I'm going to bed now, 4am comes early. So here is a pic right now no pump..I'm 231, will probably be 228 tomorrow morning
@dominion7 thats crazy progress, you're down to 228 you look leaner stronger and more pumped, true change in your body :) congratulations! staying dedicated is clearly paying off, super tight bro
Seriously? Like I said, I hit a point I can't tell anymore. I just keep focusing on my chest.. waiting to get the fat off
100% seriously you're doing amazing bro LEANER big time
7 sets on the reverse grip pull downs you hitting great volume brother 💪
With starting & ending with 30min cardio, I don't have much time so I'm to blast one muscle in between the cardio
the more fasted your cardio is the more effective it will be
you've made amazing progress compared to last year
your body fat is way down but more importantly your health is way up
gonna be crucial to continue to fasted cardio so you can continue fat loss
Start w/30min cardio

Star Trac sitting chest press

Close w/30 min cardio

Shake w/3 scoops Protein, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup Walnuts, 1 1/2 cup almond milk
Calories = 930
Protein = 85
Carbs = 52
Fat = 47
Half pound grass fed ground beef
Calories = 480
Protein = 42
Carbs = 0
Fat = 34

Shrimp Diablo without rice and onions, with 1/4 cup refried beans and half small avocado
Calories = 353
Protein = 45
Carbs = 20
Fat = 30

12 bone in chicken wings
Calories = 1106
Protein = 102
Carbs = 0
Fat = 74

Total for the day
Calories = 2869
Protein = 274
Carbs = 72
Fat = 185
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