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Approved Log Dozers journey to the stage and cycle


EVO Logger
This will be a long term log it’s about training, nutrition and cycles when they come about. I do still wanna do a powerlifting meet once a year but I’m transitioning to bodybuilding and either this fall compete at the big cat classic or use this year to trim up get lean and then build mass for next year. I have a nice stash of Tren E, NPP, boldonon cyp, test e and Anavar so I have those at my disposal.

Low days(not training)
Added fats-51

Med- training days
Protein- 310
Carbs- 225
Added fats- 41

high carb day (leg day)
Protein- 230
Added fats-0

The main power lifts I’ll typically switch out every 2-3 weeks if I were doing singles it’d be somthing different every week. Hitting body parts once a week,with cardio 4days a week A 5th day of training on my one day of cardio I’d only hit somthing I’m lagging in or some rehab work like bamboo bar bench or face pulls whatever I need to do really it’s be 3-4 exercises and only 20 mins long after the cardio nothing wild it’ll act as active recovery as well.

1. Leg curl machine (standing, lying either or) 4x12-15 1x failure with the heaviest weight
2.squat work up to the heaviest 5
3.leg extensions if my hip nothing me if not then B.S.S, hack squats. Leg press or belt squat. Right now leg extensions 3x20 1xdrop set
4.RDL 3x8
5a. calves 4x15-20
5b. Banded seated leg curls 250-300
6. Side bends 4x25

1. Reardelt raises 4x20
2. Military press work up to a heavy 6
3. Parcel side raises (heavy) 3x25 1x drop set on the 3rd drop depending what you start with youll end up with 15-20lb in youre hands so I usually end up at 55-60 then Drop to 45 then 15-20 and there you’ll you full range until you can’t pick you’re arms up anymore
4.200 bands tri extensions 100over head 100normal press work up to heavy 6
6.incline willams press/extension 4x15
7. Standing core 4x25

1.seated rows 4x10
2. Deadlifts or some kind of variation of the DL heaviest 5
3. SB row 4x8
4.pull downs 3x10-12 1x failure or drop set
5. Chest supported shrugs to shrugs 3-4x 10/10 or 15/10
So here I’ll set a bench on a incline grab the 55s lie down but hanging over a little bit of the bench and pretty much shrug you’re should blades together. Do 10-15 shrugs like that then stand up and start doing normal shrugs 10-15 you’ll have a killer pump reps depend how tired you’re back is but you’ll find a range.
6. Side bends 3x15 heavy

1. Flys 4-5x15
2. Bench x5
3.db incline or flat depending if I do incline bench again
4.db curl 4-5x10 curl and raise you’re elbow slightly at the top 4x8
6.preacher curl 3-4x12
7. Flys or feet elevated push ups on number plates so here I’m just trying to drive more blood into my pecs and also stretch the muscle under a load so the stretch at the bottom is usually 2-3seconds until the last rep I’ll go as long as I can.
8. I’ll usually super set db sit-ups or some kind of abs with the flys 3-4x15

Diet and training will be updated regularly, while I’m at work I’ll try and post as much as I can I’m usually pretty beat.

Cycles I will also give a heads up when and what I’m starting so if anyone would like to know how I reacts to certain dosages or compounds point them here.

Im taking a new supplement company and so far it’s ligit the intra workout drink is top notch if I can get in with them I can give you guys a discount. Good products for recovery and pumps.

So how I structure my lifting is the 4phases of growth.
1.mind muscle connection. Making the muscles actually fire and contract
2.over load. Losing the muscles with the most weight you can do. I don’t count sets on this phase I’m just trying to work up to the heaviest 5 I can get with good form it’s all about the strain.
3.Supra max pump. Getting the muscle as pumped as possible so you do the fun stuff here. Drop sets, strip sets, iso holds(Tom platz style) sets for time so leg press for 1-2 mins, cluster sets. Example 8 reps rest 20sec do another 8 rest 20sec un rack again and do another 8 reps that’s 1 set do 2-3 you not only can go heavy but you’re getting volume too.
4. Stretching the muscle. I stretch in between sets but here this is last in the exercises cause it’s a loaded stretch. So db fly or push up on number plates are good 1-3 sec stretch at the bottom orrr let’s say you can db fly 55lbs try that or 65-70lbs and hold it in the bottom for a minute 2-3 sets is all you need 10-12 reps unless going for time.

Iv been lifting for 18years now and I learned what exercises give me the most bang for my buck so you’ll see pretty much see the same stuff but just rotated in every 3-6 weeks and I believe in different hand positions and angles while rowing or pressing so if you’re doing a sb row so palms facing you with a medium/wide grip, maybe on a pull down or another row in palms in with a close grip or slightly out or out all the way. Hell you can add a little rotation in there.

I think that’s pretty much it for the start of it. I’ll post up what I eat occasionally again I can eat the same thing over and over again so not gunna post my meals up every single day cause it’s pretty much the same you’ll get a laugh at what I eat on leg days my high carb days.

Occasional pictures will be dropped in maybe once a week or if I look good certain days haha so you guys can see progress when the diet changes I’ll post an update he hinted at what would be a reversal what I’m doing now so more food in the future? We’ll see so far I’m liking this. Strength hasn’t stopped so we’ll see where we’re at in 6 months

Still trying to get leaner
Dozer55, you're looking very strong.

Why don't you up protein to 400grams on training days? the extra +100 grams around training time will really take you to next level imo.
Dozer thats a true power log.

I want to see you do more protein on training days around training time.
finally your NEW log

i did like your other log lots of tren talk

more pics after 2 weeks of shred

and diet is good but i too think higher protein needed
Yes! I was waiting on this updated log, strong legs in pic.

Updated pics and lets see you start cutting into a show.
Dozer55, you're looking very strong.

Why don't you up protein to 400grams on training days? the extra +100 grams around training time will really take you to next level imo.

So only reason I don’t increase is because I did hire somone to help with my nutrition and take the guessing game out of it. I’m sure it’ll increase with time but I just wanna follow the plan.
bros Dozer55, was following your other good log
this is going to be good I WANT to see you step on stage I think you can take the top 1 spot

I recognize everyone here I appreciate you and everyone following my little adventure here. I’m competing this fall or maybe next summer depends where I’m at but the look I want to achieve would be the bodybuilders of the 90’s dry, super conditioned I think everyone got stuck on mass mass mass and yeah that’s important but I think a super dry ripped look makes one’s muscles pop like no other. Lee priest is a good example and one of my favorites
I forgot about my current stats.

Height- 5’9”
Weight- 245-250lbs
Lifting 18 years


Squat and deadlift might be close to 670-700 by now with the numbers iv been hitting I wouldn’t be surprised.

I was gonna ask for these. Some big numbers
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