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Was wondering to get some of the expert opinions on here on if my testosterone is fake that I got from Dragon Pharma store
I have been using 750 mg a week. I got my blood work done and it came in at 1250ng/dl. I called up the place and I asked them if this was accurate and the lady put me on hold and then came back and said absolutely it was the correct number. I’m worried this might be fake gear? aint g2g ever NOT APPROVED SOURCE - POTENTIAL SCAMMER
Always educate yourself with reviews, user feedback threads, progress pictures etc. My preference is to stick with the most trusted places out there, and that is in all aspects of anything... my best experiences have always come with !
I always have great success with and it comes super fast
[FONT=&quot]It is well known that has the best and most trusted quality you can find! [/FONT]
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