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Drinking green tea on a cutting cycle properly


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So green tea has been shown to increase energy and help increase calorie and fat metabolism. I want to give green tea a good shot during my cutting phase. My question how you are supposed to take it, after each meal? or at night before going to bed?
KISS - keep it simple stupid.

Green tea is fantastic. It is a potent anti-oxidant, has been shown to increase fat metabolism and the polyphenols in green tea raise serotonin levels (your body's feel good hormone). Just drink the green tea throughout the day as you would a normal beverage. Instead of having a cup of coffee in the morning, have a cup of green tea. I like to drink cold green tea throughout the day instead of water. I pour 1L of hot water over a green tea bag in my thermos before bed. I let it steep overnight and then drink it throughout the day. Really refreshing. Especially if you add in fresh lemon juice.
you should be drinking water throughout the day and at night too. stay hydrated. when i am at the gym i take a sip of water between every set. it amazes me when i see guys who don't drink at all during their workouts, then run to the smoothie bar for a protein shake. your muscles need hydration and oxygen DURING your workout, so you just starved them that whole time.

as for green tea, drink it in the AM.. don't drink it in the evening, too much caffeine
My husband swears by green tea when cutting. Always buy real green tea that is caffeine free.

Don't replace water with green teA...drink green tea in addition to.
I think green tea is a great idea whether cutting or not. There are a lot of overall health benefits on top of boosting metabolism. Make sure you check the caffeine content of the tea though. A typical green tea will only have around 25mg caffeine which is fairly low...but there are some that will have just as much as coffee. You want to stay away from those.
I just drink green tea throughout the day without trying to get any particular amount. Just drink it all along, and I am pretty sure that this is enough. Just make sure not to drink it in the evening if you are stim-sensitive.
Usually when I am deep in cutting phase and cannot consume any sodas, I just boil a huge pot of green tea and drink it throughout the day
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