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Dutasteride source


New member
Hey all, new to the forum, I like that people here actually talk about sources and help each other out, rather than just telling people to figure it out themselves.

I know it's not a steroid, but hairloss and steroids do seem to go hand in hand, and the main reason I want dutasteride is because Finasteride doesn't seem to do the trick on cycle.

I'm looking for an online source for Dutasteride, I've looked at many online pharmacies and they either don't accept credit cards or don't seem legit. So my question is: Does anyone here have a good online source for dutasteride (w/o script) that ships to US? A source they have used before and know is legit and sells legit product. I was trying to get this along with some clomid and an AI, but that's not too important now as this site has pointed me to various sources for those.

So please, if any of you know of a good, reliable, trusted source that will ship to here in the US please help me out. Thank you in advance for any and all replies.
ReliableRxPharmacy carries that.
Their stuff is mostly Pharma-Generic, and Legit.
Takes about 12 Days to U.S. after receipt of money............................ JP
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