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elevated liver enzymes


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Whats the best thing to take for elevated liver enzymes im guessing its from the tren ace even though ive just started out on a low dose and is anybody familiar with what a typical high number would be during tren use and what would be just ridiculously high? Thanks for any input.
TUDCA seems like the best liver protection, then there's the forever little brother milk thistle. There are other things but I always come back to a combo of these two.
If you are on Tren, you should be taking N2guard with TUDCA. Tren also wrecks havoc on lipids and blood pressure as well as the liver
I would also get some NAC and run 1-2 grams daily
You can also have elevated liver enzymes because of some illness or infection.

Had bloods ran because my blood sugar levels were running on the low side thats when i seen the elevated enzymes so im not sure thats the case everything else was in spec. Having them checked again in 30 days just to keep an eye on it.
I had a similar problem.
My AST & ALT were almost Double the Upper Parameter #'s on the Test.

1 Month of Tudca & NAC.
Next Blood Test, both #'s were in the Middle of the Test Parameters.
So I know through Blood Work, they work............................................................. JP
NAC at 500 mg/day for liver maintanance. If you have choleostasis (blocked bile duct), like I did, use TUDCA. TUDCA used to be hard to get, but it is available in lots of places now.
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