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Epistane cycle and the proper PCT


New member
Hey bros, I have a couple of questions for you.

1- Would you say an AI is necessary during an Epistane cycle?

2- Is a SERM really necessary for an Epistane PCT?

I've seen a lot of controversy on these subjects on forums and wanted to know what you guys think.

Thanks a lot for your help bros :)
Here is a good article for you to read on epistane:

1. Epistane does not aromatize into estrogen so an AI is not needed on cycle.

2. It is suppressive of natural testosterone production so running a PCT with a SERM and a good natural testosterone booster is a really good idea and what I recommend. After the epistane cycle I would run clomid at 25mg/day + HCGenerate ES from at 5 capsules/day for 30 days as a mini PCT.



always run a pct after using hormones if you want to keep your gains.. if you don't care about keeping your gains then don't
Muskate gave you great advice above. The mini PCT is important so you can recover since you will be shut down. Run it as he laid it out even if you feel good.

Important is underestimated way to put it. You MUST run pct after such cycle, otherwise you are running risk of going below to where you started and even worse - shutting down your reproductive system for life
Even though prohormones are mistakenly considered by many to be mild compounds, they are not, and you should always run a PCT after them. Luckily, Epistane is one of the few PH's that does not convert into estrogen, so there is no need or any AI or SERM on cycle.
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