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Fasting question


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I was wondering if I drink bone broth throughout the day would it still be considered fasting or not ? I want to try fasting to improve my body and lose fat. What do you guys think ?
As long as the caloric intake isn't too high, over 50cal and there isn't sugar in what you eat it shouldn't kick you out of fast.

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To me fasting means that you don't eat anything. At most drink water and/or coffee (preferably black, no whipped cream and stuff :D).
there are different variations of fasting.

it boils down to what your goals are and what you want to get out of fasting

if you want to fast and just consume bone broth that is still going to yield tremendous benefits. will it yield AS MUCH benefits as just water fasting? no of course not. but it still will work great for digestive health, immune support, etc.

just do me a favor with the bone broth and this is MANDATORY. make your own and DO NOT add garlic or onions to it otherwise you are fucking it up. you can add salt and herbs only. but no spices! you must MAKE YOUR OWN. the ones you buy from the store are no bueno. as much as I love thomas delauer he does push that kettle bone broth product and i can promise you that it is 100% inferior to making your own!

and when you do the bone broth you must use quality bones. don't buy bones from walmart that came from a sick cow. it has to be organic grassfed cows, or wild fish.
It's fine. You can consume beverages with negligible calories like greens, bone broth etc during your fast.

Don't over complicate things. Are you not going to brush your teeth during your fast because tooth paste has 5 calories?
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