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Fasting strategies

sounds like you put your all into dieting for two years and it was mentally and physically taxing on you - it's common to "rebound" after being in a prolonged calorie deficit and restricting certain food groups. A ketogenic diet can be amazing short term (in my opinion), however if your goal is to avoid being skinny-fat, increasing your carbs will help a great deal with training and will lower the physical and mental toll on you, making it a more sustainable change. If I were you, I'd focus on changing my diet in a sustainable and healthy way, focusing on lean meats, fruit, vegetables and healthy fats like avocado, eggs and salmon. Put your all into training, include both cardiovascular and resistance training to support fat loss and muscle gain. You seem to have developed an all or nothing mindset in relation to food, which almost guarantees an unhealthy approach to eating. Focus on a balanced approach and you'll get there- and most importantly you'll be able to actually maintain it. Just remember that the hard part is not getting there, it's staying there. That's why the approach MUST be sustainable. You're gen pop, not a bodybuilder. Just eat real food and train and you're good.
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