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Approved Log Female + Vegan + fasting OFF gear natural log

September 23
Sleep :
7.5 hours

Fasting :
18 hours

Food :
Meal 1 - super motivated and made udon ramen with vegetables, kimchi and bean sprout
Meal 2 - smoothie (2 scoops isolates, frozen berries and mango, lemon juice almond milk)
Snack - raisin bran post workout (dry like that)

Water intake : 5L
Supplements : magnesium citrate, B complex, omega-3, vitamin D, creatine

Training :
Unable to wake up properly this morning. Body super tired from being back on day schedule every morning this week. Skipped 9am wrestling as my coach have a "be 100% or don't come" policy.

Very sore today.
Fasted workout -
Trap-bar deadlifts 105x5, 135x5, 160x3, 200x5, 225x3, 250x3 *pr for trap-bar*
Seated leg curls 110x8x3
Reverse hypers 3x15
upper circle crunches 4x12 (6 per side)

1 x 10min jogging/ 1min walking
1 x 25min jogging / 1min walking
1 x 10min jogging/ 1min walking
Total time = 48min

yoga x 45min
nice you are living the dream!
Nice job on those dead lifts thanks for posting the video
You eat a lot of pasta and stuff are you Italian?
Really not. Big coincidence. Easy carbup as well.
nice Pizza and ice cream
that your weekend treat?
Just intuitive eating :) cut myself from socializing the past 6-10 months with tournaments and diet, it's good for the mind and body to relax.
what are they saying in the video? is that french?
Oui oui
Can you make your own protein bars at home with nuts and honey?
I like to make them into balls. I just received my protein order last night as a matter of fact.
I always forget to attach my meals.


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September 24
Sleep :
8 hours

Fasting :
17.5 hours

Food :
Meal 1 - lentil soup, crackers, old cheddar, 1cup carrot sticks
Meal 2 - 1.5cup greek yogurt, 1cup frozen berries, 1tbsp chia seeds, 2cups grapes
Meal 3 - chickpea curry, 1 naan bread with ghee
Snack - protein shake (2 scoops isolates, 2cups almond milk)

Water intake : 5L
Supplements : magnesium citrate, B complex, omega-3, vitamin D, creatine

Training :
Fasted -
Wrestling x 2 hours

Yoga x 30min
Meal prep for this week :
1kg seitan
5lbs potatoes with olive oil/garlic/rosemary/onion powder
Big container of peach and berries crisp with oats and walnut topping


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