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.::Fine Tuning Series::. Dosage Tapering


Cyborg Humanoid Brother
The body does not like being shocked. It causes it to make vast adjustments we often dont feel or recognize until it is too late. Introducing compounds of to high of doses to quickly can easily send the body into shock in a negative way.

The best prevention for it tapering the dosages.

This method is often just put aside and not cared for because the want of instant results, with little to no regard for overall health and actual beneficial response.

By tapering doses you allow your body time to adjust to the new compound you have introduced to your system. You won't have as many sides, you adjust to the sides that do/will occur easier, you don't shut down as fast and your body adjust to the power increases that your body is capable of that your muscles haven't built up to yet.

Tapering is a extremely simple concept that can and should be used with most of the compounds used oral and injectable.

For instance my last cycle I ran All short esters from consisting of:
Testosterone Prop
Tren Ace
Mast prop

My dosage tapering was as follows:
Testosterone prop started at 50mg eod for the first 2 injections, then I rose to 75mg eod for the next two injections. I then increased to 100mg eod for 4 injections. I increased to 150mg eod for 6 more eod injections.
I then started adding in Tren ace starting at 25mg eod for 3 injections mixed with the test. I rose to 50mg eod for 3 more injections. I increased to 75mg eod for 4 injections. Before settling at 100mg eod (my found sweet spot with Tren). Note: *at the tren 75mg doses I LOWERED my test doses back down to 100mg eod and stayed at the level to result at equal test to Tren mg levels. Also at this point I am 22 injections on test prop. *The last two weeks I slowly tapered down my doses from 100mg to 25mg at my last pin.

I continued on the Tren for 3 weeks total before introducing anavar which i doses as follows:
20mg Ed (10mg am/prewo) - 3 days
30mg Ed (10mg am/ 20prewo)-3 days
40mg Ed (20mg am/ 20prewo)- 5 days * i gave my body an extra 2 days at this dosage.
50mg Ed (20mg am/ 30mg prewo)- through end of cycle
*i tapered down every 2 days the last week as I came off cycle.

The last compound i introduced into my cycle was mast prop. This compound I ran until end of my cycle and a total of three weeks.
I started it at 50mg for the first 3 eod injections. Increased to 75mg for the until the last week of my cycle where I brought the dosage back down to 50mg for the last couple of injections.

My results have me tagged with the best cycle I have ever run. I use what works.

Tapering down is important to recovery as it makes your system start to try to respond in the drop of testosterone slowly by starting to make its own again, and not throwing estrogen levels around suddenly. Make going into the pct the easiest you can for the best recovery possible, and for keeping your work outs solid!

What's your input?

Tapering as you wrote about in this thread makes sense when using orals or short acting steroids.

Tapering with long acting steroids is not needed because the steroid hormones will 'taper' once you stop injecting the steroid due to the long estered nature of the drug. For example, testosterone enanthate has a half life of 10.5 days. After your last injection, the steroid will still be in your body roughly 40 days as the steroid slowly clears out of your system.
Would this also be true for ramping up slowly rather start with a full dose? Would this be different for SARMs vs. steroids?
I would be very cautious with tappering, because you are doing a hormonal rollercoaster which in return can make your estrogen and prolactin levels go sky high
musky is right. steroids taper off on their own.

the red herring here is that until anabolic steroids are completely out of your system, your HPTA will not start recovering.. it doesn't work like how cortico's or clen, or thyroid meds might where you can taper down and your body starts recovering, so that is the problem with tapering down anabolic steroids
As a female....I do taper both up and down on oral steriods.

When using injectable (which is not often) I think starting off low and adjusting up is the best way to limit and keep an eye on sides.

Again, I think this is vital for a female.
It is definitely an interesting way of dosing and I can see how it might work with short esters. I would not bother with long esters because of the nature in which they break down. Personally I would never apply this type of routine because I would get confused somewhere along the way. I prefer to keep cycles simple. The less I have to think about the better.
Like others have said, this is useful for short esters, but long esters effectively taper themselves. I do agree that tapering allows the body to slowly adjust to the introduction of something new, especially when the new substance is known to produce unwanted side effects. The same tapering up is used for HGH (though no tapering down is needed). If more people tapered up and down with Tren I bet less people would complain about it.

Sides cannot be fully prevented, especially with Tren, but anything that can minimize them is a great idea.
Yes long esters side. Although I know people who do it still.

Tapering off is. More controlled method rather then having the compound exsistince literally leave your body day by day hour by hour after being at a higher level for a Longated period of time.
Personally, I am not a fan of tappering - makes things more complicated, and does not really make much of a difference, since the esters already do the job of tappering your stuff, so I don't see much sense in tappering steroids.
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