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Approved Log First Cycle Log

Sunday night Back and Triceps

Single arm hammer strength low row
1- 90x8.5
2- 90x7.5

Straight bar lat pulldown
1- 95x8.5
2- 95x7.5

Rope pushdown
1- 40x7
2- 40x6.5
3- 40x6.5

I fucking love the gym man, i think its the same for many but the whole process and everything you put in will show in the gym, no one can tell you to push harder than that voice in your head if thats with training, food or even sleeping enough. The routine everyday is what Im living for, at the moment anyway. Im sure when im a bit older ill see the importance in say having a family but right now im so selfish with my time and who i put energy into. Im fresh in this bodybuilding world and know that my words dont have deep meaning or impact as much as someone who has gone far in this sport but im gonna give it my all so when im on that death bed i can think fuck man im proud of what i did. Bit of a heartfelt post but the gym is so much mental as it is physical when you take it to the max and i feel people should share there thoughts and feelings a bit more to get connected with those around them.

I hope everyone had a great week and is in a good snowball with there training. ❤️
@Macko_shmacko gym love in never ending bro....gym is the place to unleash your inner beast........
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