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First cycle prep

If you want this cycle to work and get you results, a LOG journal is a must. Look at sgentz he changed his life and is one of the best bodybuilding competitors we have.

your cycle its fine

200mgs self trt testosterone
.25mgs arimidex
7caps n2guard
Just so you're aware I'm not very knowledgeable on PEDs. But one thing I noticed was your maintenance calories being at only 2300 as a male at 280lbs. I am a female at 130lbs, and my maintenance calories are 2100. Very close to yours. You also mentioned you struggle to lose weight and you used to be athletic. I do agree with everyone else saying to lower your body fat before hopping on, and it's worth taking the time and effort to do so. It's very common for former athletes for example to gain a lot of fat after they stop training like they used to. I'd say the biggest thing that's going to help you out is training and getting down to a lower body fat by simply expending more energy during the day. I'd suggest a combination of *planned* cardio (I'm not sure what your abilities are, but stairmaster is great at burning calories in a short amount of time) and increasing your NEAT. NEAT is the more unplanned general activity you do throughout the day. Example in your lunch break go for a walk. Instead of sitting while doing XYZ task stand or pace around a bit. It really all adds up. Cardio and increasing NEAT are sooooo underestimated for fat loss.
Just checked your TDEE and 2300 calories is your BMR not maintenance, is that what you meant by those numbers? Maintenance should be roughly:
Sedentary- 2700
Light activity- 3100
Moderate activity- 3500

FWIW, I am a male, 185 pounds and I shed weight at anything under 3000/kcal day. Everybody is going to be a bit different, but I agree, at that weight it seems like too low a maintenance calorie level.
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