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First Cycle Suggestions

Hey guys—long time lurker, first time poster. Been lifting for a few years but relatively new to cycling. Was doing TRT with occasional Deca through Low T Center but decided I wanted to go it my own. I'm on my first true cycle now and wanted to get everyone's thoughts. I'm 37, 6'4", 190 and don't drink/smoke. I'm not looking to go hard this time since I'm easing into it but if these levels won't do much of anything, I also want to know that, too. How does this sound for 16 weeks:

300mg / Test E / week (two shots)
100mg / Deca / week (one shot)
0.25mg / Anastrozole / week
50mg / Proviron / day
300mg / P5P / day

I would do more deca (it really helps with my joint pain) but I suffer from DD even at pretty low doses (sildenafil helps some) but I try to keep my test much higher and my estrogen levels managed with the anastrozole (bloods revealed higher e levels when I got on test). Some guys rec'd P5P to manage prolactin to help with the DD, and I'm hoping proviron will also help boost libido. I've never done PCT since I was always low-dosing test e year round through TRT but if that's not recommended, would like to hear what people rec for PCT. Really appreciate any thoughts, y'all.
drop the deca bro test only
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