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First steroid cycle and PCT

whichever you decide to use you should be logging it so that we can help you fix problems as they come up
look at the other Transformations on here and see how have they even helped by putting up logs
I love deca and testosterone
good stack but you realize it's for bulking so it without knowing your full information we won't know if it's truly the best option for you
You never answered the age question. How long have you been training?
So your saying you want to do test cycle for 12 weeks then start another cycle immediately?
This is not a great idea. You need to take time off after your cycle and PCT to let your body recover. Time on and pct time=time off unless you are on TRT.
yes, i wait for that answer before i go any further

I am planning to have testosterone + Deca or testosterone +NPP for 10-12 weeks.

As far as I know, I only need clomid for 3-4 weeks for PCT unless I have a gyno symptom.

Could anyone advise me if I need Hcg as well?
first cycle is test only bro
Just keep it simple......either run short or long esters. So test P with NPP or Test E/C with deca. You can run the short esters 8-10 weeks and the long esters 12-14 weeks. You want proviron to help with the DHN conversion and preventing "deca dick". As for a PCT, you need much more than clomid. Check out the stick called "The Perfect PCT Simplified".
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