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First test & deca cycle

Way to young and that amount of dbol is just steroid abuse
Hey guys I’m young gonna get some backlash lol
21 years old
Trains 5-6 days weekly, high intensity

My first cycle was 12 weeks
As I progressed weekly I added little more of dianabol end of cycle was 200mg daily
No PCT, which is why I’m stressing now

250 mg test e
50mg dianabol daily

500mg test e
200mg dianabol daily

I want to run another cycle. Test and DECA I am seeing lots of mixed opinions on PCT that’s why I’m hoping for some feedback on

I’m looking to do a 12 week cycle of only 400mg deca and 500mg test
way too young
Buddy, you still don't know how to train or probably diet. Take some time and learn how your body responds to training, exercises and different foods.
Get your strength up.
Bench 300, squat 400 and deadlift 500.
I promise you when you do that you not only will be significantly larger but have a much better idea as to what works for you and what doesn't
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