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Approved Log First Testosterone cycle log

Size and strength isn't a bad thing, I like making it difficult and dropping weight on a cut and see how long I can maintain or exceed strength on lifts, I think I'm 215lbs right now and I can still hit 415 for a few reps on rack pulls I was doing the same at 225lbs, it's a cool feeling when u get stronger, keep pushing 💪
This morning noticable size gains


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Today's training
Calve raises
420lbs 5 x 20
Leg press
707lbs 3 x 10
Cable side delt raise
10lbs 5x10 ( each arm also first time doing these and it felt heavier than 20lbs dumbbells idk if it range of motion or what )
Single arm shrugs
135lbs 3x10
Dumbbell shoulder press
50lbs 3x10
Idk what u call these but front delt raise with ez bar but u raise the bar over ur head with out bending elbows I swear best front delt pump I've ever had I see it on a YouTube science base workout vid and thought I'd try it....

My diet is trash I make it a couple days eating healthier then bang I find a excuse to eat shitty.


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Today's training
Flat bench
135lbs 1x10 (with pause at bottom for warm up)
315lbs 3x5
Incline bench press
225lbs 3x8
Bodyweight dips (288lbs I'm concerned tho same scale said I weighed 295 yesterday)
288lbs 5x10
Cable cross over upper chest
25lbs 3x10
Cable cross over lower chest
25lbs 3x10
Cable cross over mid chest
25lbs 1x10
15lbs 2x10
Tricep push down v bar
100lbs 3x10
Bent over cable skull crusher
80lbs 3x8
Tricep push down rope with twist variation
50lbs 3x10
Single arm tricep push down
20lbs 3x5
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