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Approved Log First Testosterone cycle log

it's up to you on what to do if you want to bulk will help you bulk
solid work bro
Meal prep didn't take pics

4am protein shake 60g

7am 2 crunchy peanut butter on keto bread

10am raw baby carrots with light ranch dressing

1pm three pieces of boneless skinless boiled chicken breast. Half a cup of California mixed vegetables

530pm 80% 20% ground chuck beef with salsa and fire roasted red pepper and onion

7:00 p.m. well non-training days 60 mg whey protein shake on training days 48 mg casein protein shake
Great job meal prepping
So update I'm changing my goal from this being a cut to a bulk cuz I just keep gaining weight and I don't wanna fast on cycle.... I'm going to continue to train for strength gains and once I start PCT in roughly 5 or six weeks... I'm start doing mid weight high volume to keep size while I cut.... Honestly I'm in my head today about the gaining weight and not losing as planned....
So if you are switching from a cut to a bulk. lets get some fresh stats and pictures. these can really help over time.
what are you calories going to be etc.

still wanting to see some workout videos though. especially of the big lifts
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