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Approved Log First time SARMs cycle LOG

I had a friend over here have the same problem as you it took him some time but now he's 100%
I devolved serve stomach pain and bad uncontrollable diarrhea. Vomiting. We first thought it was a 24 hour stomach bug that has been going around, after 24 hours symptom's got better but over the next 5 days they progressively got worse. They put me on Flagyl and Stipro anti biotics, and Bentyl and a anti diarrhea meds. I took them for a week and didnt get better. Had to do Cat scans and ultra sounds of my stomach. The interior lining of my intestines are coming off and passing through bowel movements. Dr said I have developed aggressive IBS over the last few weeks. He cant say if it from working out, stress from work, SARMs, Food or anything else.

Im scheduled to see a GI specialists in 3 weeks. Soonest they can get me in. I havent worked out in over 3 weeks. I tried working out yesterday and the stress caused very bad abdominal pains. So untill then. I dont know what to do.
praying for you bro
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