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First time with NPP

I’m getting used to feeling like a pin cushion. I want to split the doses into every day injections because it seems like a lot of oil in one go. So far for 300mg test e and 200 mg off NPP it’s .85/ml. Probably doesn’t seem like much to someone else but I just came from pinning test c EOD .35/ml. Will the increased frequency of injecting NPP result in higher levels of prolactin since it will be in my system more consistently? One thing I’ve been wanting to get on hand is Cabergoline but I’m struggling to find a good source with it in stock. I have labs with my hormone doc next week and I will ask if she can throw in prolactin for me on the tests.
Bro I have ripped 4cc at once before. I dont reccommend anything over 3cc per hit. you barely over 1cc total. you like at bare min right now. just hit eod
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