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FOR THE AUSSIES - Australian source Talk PART 28

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Part 28 Updates:
Aussie VIPS: Smurfed and Plat

Approved Aussie sources

For reference, old aussie threads...
Anyway back to chatting.

I think since upping my dose to Aromasin 12.5mg I was feeling a lot better but the last 3-4 days I am starting to get a bit of anxiety / sex drive is down a bit.
Getting bloods again on Tuesday which will determine where I go with my AI dosing but I feel like something isn't as it should be.
So I'll probably run 12.5mg every day until Monday night.
Have my bloods taken on Tuesday and might cut back to 25mg Monday, Wednesday and Friday and see how I go

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After some serious thinking I decided to drop EQ from my cycle, the hunger is simply too much, was running 500mg and thought I was one of the lucky ones not to get it, but after 8 weeks (even frontloaded it) it really kicked in, been on for 11 weeks now and can say its hit me hard, along with some serious anxiety
safe to say Lambo EQ is fantastic, but ill be saving it for my next bulk I think, I simply cant diet with it, very impressed overall
Lambo Mast also going very well, still feeling the mental benefits and feeling Tighter where I should while using Mast too
ARL Sus also g2g, switching to Lambo Test E in a week or two when my sus is finished and I'm quite excited
Still using ARL Tren A, as always, very happy with it too

enjoy your weekend lads
Me and the missus got bored after doing a few laps. It's all YouTube stars and shit. People sit there speaking to them for ages after they get a pic. I honestly have no idea what they are talking about with them.

Got pics with Jeremy Beundia, Luke schembri and eddy ung. We had more fun shopping yesterday especially culture kings

Today the expo will be better there's more bbers rolling around but Paige Hathaway might not actually make the Arnold's if u been sussing her snapchats.

You going to the pro show?

How much longer will your site be down?

Alot of guys and girls (lachyloo didn't forget about you)
Have been asking.
Can you give an ETA?

How much longer will your site be down?

Alot of guys and girls (lachyloo didn't forget about you)
Have been asking.
Can you give an ETA?
The guy who runs and manages it is currently away with some personal things mate.

Be up and running next week some time.
Will update when I know exact day!

I'm on wickr as usual and all orders can be placed through there or any questions will reply when possible :)

- juicywiggle
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