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FOR THE AUSSIES - Australian source Talk PART 6

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Typical Aussies.

I do remeber doing "sail Croatia"... And 1/2 way through the trip the crew couldn't believe we drank the ship dry.... Tehehehe

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lovin the community, been in a bit of a rut the last week, getting out of it tho, cant let it get in the way of my comp

Keep at it lads
Anybody here used and know if it's g2g?

Yes I have - I received 1x Deca and 2 X Test and some proviron. It is packaged very (and I mean very) discretely - No Glass.... I only went through them prior to finding this community.
First jab coming up Monday, got all my pins sorted at the exchange. The longest 25G they had was 1". Will this suffice?
Sweet. I did get a box of 23g 1.25" as well just in case but they look fat as! I think ill pop my cherry with the 25g then experiment down the line.
I was amazed at how much free stuff they gave me. Exchanges are awesome.
Yep. A basic shopping list at the exchange is:

1 syringe disposal jar
1 box of alcohol wipes
1ml syringes (insulin syringe) x1 box
1 box of 3ml barrels
1 box of drawing needles (18 gauge)
1 box of injecting needles

Every few months go and get another full bag. Don't forget to take your used syringe jar as they count on that to justify the service.

All paid by our taxes so go for it.
Anybody here used and know if it's g2g?

Yes...I've used those gents.

All good and their stealth packing is very impressive. However, unless it is something one of the gents on here can't get you, I'd buy local....Their pricing is so so when you factor everything in.
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