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For The Aussies - Australian Source talk

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Just wanted to start another thread up for the Aussie members on here to discuss all things gear related, if we keep this thread clean and protect ourselves from scammers I think everyone will still be able to find out the info they want. As per the last thread it doesn't take long to realise who the trusted guys are and who have quality feedback to go with it.

*keep your personal information off the thread* - if your chasing something in particular just enquire about it on the thread and someone will pm you with infomation on how to contact a source.
brother watch for scammers please...dont give out your personal info like you did in the other thread....
Be good just to have all the Aussie guys here in one thread being able to talk about it all, can be very hard to get info if your new to this. And even though there's only a small group of Aussies here it's still better than any actual Aussie based forum in my opinion
As soon as I see personal info displayed I will ask you to have it edited otherwise will get mods too.
There is a required limit to PM's so appreciate the guys who have been around a while. Sources will not directly give out their info on this thread.
Some of you guys where dealing with brand new members with no posts.

What did you expect to happen?

Yes there are alot of time wasters here but some of you guys need to wise up abit and not buy or send to any tom,dick or harry.
Not open for further replies.
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