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For The Aussies - Australian Source talk

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Look at how many newbies all of a sudden appeared..... not just scammers signing up, prying eyes too
Appears to be a good idea, I've been here a while & glad to see a change from the old rant
Hope this works out well. Common sense required !
Ausjuice i found was a legit source, picked up some 25mg Anavar from them several months back, no issues.

Going back for TBOL in a few days time.
Hi all im new to this an hoping for some helpful an insight to helping myself become a bigger me .south aus lad looking for 100% smart source for 1st cycle
Hello aussie brahs, new to this site obviously... just searching for some sources atm.
Is ausjuice the best place to go for now? only looking for legit clen at a good price right now, but will be getting aas in the future if i know of good sources.
Welcome guys, Unless someone has pmd you already look above your questions, they were answered to start with
Yeh I have to agree there, Aus Juice, and Gear Oz are both way to expensive, I have not yet made a purchase form any of the good guys on here, but we have spoken, and they have been nothing but professional and helpful, I will be making some purchases soon enough though, once my supplies run low.
Ahh this is much better boys and girls!!! We are all here to help one another and get the best results we can with no bullshit and honest advice!! There will be errors but thats what everyone is in this forum for to better them selves!!
Looking for the best advice anyone keen to help myself with new keen to hear help from all willing to help.jackoaus i see u have some helpful insight could you pm me cheers
they did a massive price drop on most of theyre stuff. how come theyre pulling lambo labs off?
I heard theres a few bad reviews going around from lambo tren and some underdosed stuff making its way out!!

I used there tren a and was gtg but not sure about the newer batches?
Hi fellow Aussies, new member here wanting chime in. All the new guys need to understand that all states & Feds are active on BB forums. There are regular busts & if you're not taking precautions with your personal info you're exposing yourself.
You might think oh I'm only looking to buy a couple vials, why are they interested in me, well they'll sit you down & use the new laws with up to 20yr penalties to try & make you give up your source.
One recent bust in QLD was because LE uncovered a sources details on a phone that belonged to a client & they new enough to make contact & bring them down.

I can see a lot of guys that find this place, probably as I did, by googling domestic steroid source, don't you think LE does the same thing, this ain't the dark web it's public & visible.
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