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Approved Log From powerlifter to climber TRT Log

@Danishpowerlifther this is a great start to the log with your lifting push and you have some power lifts I can see there
what i'd like to see added to this training is what weights you doing, like your squat whats that weight? and so on

further to really make cutting or bulking or recomp work or cycles work, diet is HUGE, key really, especially at your output
i'd like to see a structure of what you eat as you eat it, diet meals foods and when you eat them

can you get testosterone cypionate instead propionate? easier to work with and inject with your self-TRT

you can go light
300mgs sports TRT test cyp
2-3 IUs of hgh/day
20mgs anavar/day
20mgs winstrol/day
drop the t3/t4
but you need organ liver support like n2guard, i highly suggest it

for cardio, adding cardarine 10-20mgs ed and stenabolic sr 10mgs ed is the key there

lets get you to keep sharing pics
meal pictures
more training pictures
Far too many PEDs in my opinion for him wanting to lose weight
Everything looks good so far. You are gonna have to drop cals a bit. drop 2-300 for a couple weeks and see where you are at. Leave protien high and drop mostly carbs and keep the bulk of them close to training.
You could also bump osterine to 50mg/day but that prob won't change much for you. GW can also be one dose. Not sure if splitting it matters either way. @dylangemelli could answer that.
Can you post a pic of your current condition. Your not a very big guy going off your measurements. If dropping weight is going to benefit your climbing and you are already lean you may have to sacrifice some muscle.
Yes, splitting either mk2866 or gw is completely unnecessary... some people have the misconception that splitting gw is going to enhance it and/or make it somehow function better but that is very false..
If you run too many things at once how are you going to know what you like and dislike?
Honestly not sure how to get your videos up on here maybe someone can help with that may be a moderator?
again this is a really cool hobby I wish I could climb with you
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