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5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

Its a great site to order from. Everything comes quick and it works well
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

I've always had good luck with them always got my gear prices r cheap to
Communication & Ordering process: Easy ordering good communication
Delivery & Packaging: Good discrete
Product results and effectivenes: Everything I've try has been good so far
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

I placed several orders with naps and i can say this is a professionally run company. Unlike other websites, napsgear website is so user friendly and easy to order. Instructions are simple. Take advantage of the product of the week and bulk specials to save your cash. Im currently on trt and have since saved a ton of money buying my trt medications through naps gear. I have placed several orders and there was 1 order that was screwed up but i sent them an email stating that they sent me my order wrong. i ordered 10 vials of each sost 270, bold and deca. They sent me 20 vials of bold and 10 vials of deca. i quickly notified them and they apologized and quickly sent out 10 vials of the sost 270 that was missing. So i got to keep 10 extra vials of bold and they were professional enough to make things right. I am a customer for life. I understand mistakes happen but they were quick to rectify the order. Thank you naps. Also geneza meds are legit .
Communication & Ordering process: Communication was great because there was none needed. I placed my order and paid for it and in 3 weeks i received my order. Ordering from napsgear is very simple unlike other websites.
Delivery & Packaging: Although it takes about 2-3 weeks to receive your order, it is well worth it. quality products and peace of mind that i wont be scammed. Packaging was great.
Products Ordered: All GP products. Andromix, Tren Ace, dbol, anavar, boldenone, deca , sostenon 270, clomid
Product results and effectivenes: AWESOME..... I recorded all my results. I started at 200lbs at 10% bodyfat. Started my cycle with 2cc of sost270, 2cc bold, and 2cc deca. After 1 week i was at 209lbs, second week i was at 216lbs, third week i was at 223lbs, and 4th week i was at 230lbs. Yes 30lbs in 30 days. I must add that i mentally prepared myself for this bulk cycle. I also bought about $400.00 in groceries and force fed 6-7 meals a day and trained llike a beast. No side effects, blood pressure was ok because i do about 15 minutes of cardio after every workout. I went in to my doctor for blood work at week 6 and my test levels were at 3200. So the products are legit. Just keep in mind that gear fucks with your cholesterol levels. Eat plenty of avacados and fish oil to keep your levels in check. Also take some type of cycle support product. liver values were slightly above the norm but that is to be expected especially for hard core bodybuilder. 30lbs in 30 days and virtually no fat gain.
5 out of 5 rating for Steroid Source Reviews

In my opinion this is the best website out there.there's speedy delivery,great prices and they never got anything wrong with my order.I highly recommend giving them a try.
Communication & Ordering process: online communication ,and you can order using everything from bitcoin to western union
Delivery & Packaging: discreet and speedy
Products Ordered: dragon pharma well juat about everything and also the genezameds orals
Product results and effectivenes: great results i highly recommend them.
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