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Genxtropin - Verdict

i trust para pharma hgh
you can get it from and get a nice promo on the discount
check out the other logs we have on here
you can literally get ideas for your training just from Reading those
workouts are also fantastic on these logs
I've literally copied the same workouts the guys are doing
Smart Choice putting up a log
make sure you track what's going on
Tren for me worked amazingly. But for health reasons I haven’t touched it in over a year.
Tbh with good diet and a decent cycle stack you can get to your goals without tren.
Too many demons with that drug.
@skearley absolutely agree with you, tren can be overkill
Hi All,

I’ve been taken genxtropin for over a year now at 2iu a day. Just for health benefits.

Might be worth to add im getting blood work done next month - which will help me answer this question myself also.

But before I do I’ve seen some posts relating to the purity of the product. On one thread the lab results came back saying 90% HGH, which is great if true.

My source is amazing (pics attached). And the product code always verifies on the genx website. So I have no issues with the product itself.

However, you hear people bashing genx saying it was good but now it’s bunk.

I just wanted to get any of your guys opinions on it and any information you’ve found out.


I only get HGH with coas
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