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Getting tan from AAS?


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My friend took steroids and immediately was tan. Is there a chemical in steroids that make you tanner?
That should not be the case (although there is an injectable peptide, melanotan-2, that does have this effect). Steroids can cause increased blood pressure and flushing of the skin when not controlling estrogen conversion well though.
I would bet he used steroids and used melatonin to compliment them.
A tann is sick. Makes u look waaay better. He prob just didn't tell u.

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Melanotan** auto correct
Yep, hes probably flushed and it has more to do with high blood pressure than high RBC

This right here....lots of dudes don't run their stuff correctly and get puffy, red, sweaty and can look like they got a slight sun burn. Not a good look, and not healthy at all.
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