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going to do 100mgs a day of primo


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currently 5’10’’ and 185 pounds with 15% body fat and 33 years old
seeking the old school 70’s physique and I know that primo was a big deal in those days
I want to do 100mgs a day primo. My source has 100mg/ml amps and I’m gonna be pinning it every morning
what else do you recommend I run with it and how much test is going to be best here? If I had test will I need an AI?
250-300 test would be good. Prob won’t need an ai but you should always have on hand.
100mgs of primo won’t do much to be honest, are you planing on running it at 700mg a week? 400mg would be the lowest I’d go for good results. Keep test 2:1 gave me the best effects as running it closer 1:1 would crash my e2 but everyone’s a little different so some trial and error is required. Did have an Ai on hand but never needed it.
I’ve never done the whole hundred milligram a day thing of Primo but that was a big thing back in the 70s and even the 80s

When I used it I did the 200 mg/mL version which you can get from naps. It’s less injecting
thats a completely unnecessary dose of primo.. 400-500 mg of primo is plenty.. you are wasting money dosing it that high
whatever you decide it is crucial you use legit gear
and you use a source with trusted products is the #1 place for legit gear
100mgs a day primo is fine. 700mgs a week is solid
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if you want lean gains and lean Cuts it's a good option
in the old days we used 100mg amps. it wasn't fun!
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