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GRG Labs Steroid Source Reviews

5 out of 5 rating for GRG Labs Steroid Source Reviews

All is G2G with GRG in my hood...
Communication & Ordering process: fats and easy
Delivery & Packaging: fast 5 days total to mail box and packaging was bubble rapped and safe
Products Ordered: test e and test prop
Product results and effectivenes: test e is being used rite now 2 1/2 weeks in doing as it should....test p will be added in at later date... but im sure it will be on point also. i would as of this minute recommend GRG to everyone
5 out of 5 rating for GRG Labs Steroid Source Reviews

All in all GRG is a Top Notch source that I highly suggest for those of you seeking 5 - star quality. From the initial contact to the emails confirming shipment to the products delivery to my mailbox it was awesome all around.
Ordered Test E and will be using it really soon.
Thanks GRG for excellent service and you will always be M_Ts go to source......
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5 out of 5 rating for GRG Labs Steroid Source Reviews

If u could do a more overall rating this lab would get a fucking 10!! They ara G2G!! Everything went smooth and there gear looks awesome as hell!! These guys care about there customers and there gear that they will go beyond and above to make sure you are happy and satisyfied with wat u get. There so badass that since the wait was so longer then wat the expected delivery time was they threw in something extra for free! Fuck now wat lab does that! Half the labs u order from dont even do a reship. Good stuff bros, all i can say is you will always be my go to lab till i die. So stick around forever bros!!
Communication & Ordering process: Really easy, fast, and simple. They update u about everything and even give u a tracker number! Respond very qucik to questions u have for them!
Delivery & Packaging: Fucking A+++++ U will see when u get it!
Products Ordered: Test E 250, Tren E 200, Mast E 250,
Product results and effectivenes: Just started the gear this past week but i will be making a log about it!
5 out of 5 rating for GRG Labs Steroid Source Reviews

GRG is more than good to go for those who are still on the fence about trying this source out! I was lucky enough to get to test run two vials of the prop towards the end of my cycle and might I say it is smooth as butter and results spoke for themselves. The first six weeks I was using a different source (found through this forum) and the BW I had got through private MD for that source and GRG (same amount of test..injection times..ect.) captured pretty interesting results: Initial Source:Testosterone, Serum 1487 (348-1197 ng/dL)GRG: Testosterone, Serum >1500 (348-1197 ng/dL) - Could have been far greater than the initial source but since I only purchased a female blood panel I will never know. The main point is that GRG is a great option for anyone looking for some quality gear!Please don't hesitate to PM me if you have additional questions.
Communication & Ordering process: Received the package within two business days. The rep returned my emails w/ in several hr every single time - Great customer service.
Delivery & Packaging: Package got to me safely & within two business days.
5 out of 5 rating for GRG Labs Steroid Source Reviews

Have no doubt ordering from this lab. I asked a lot of questions and had answers back very fast. I love the Greendot payment option but they have others to choose from. I had a few questions after I received my order. Service after sale was just as good as before. Shipping price was cheap overall: great customer service, good prices, fast shipping, and the TNE is fire.
Communication & Ordering process: Communication was outstanding / Ordering was simple. several payment options to choose from
Delivery & Packaging: Delivery only took four days and packaging was good
Products Ordered: 4 bottles TNE but recieved a free bottle of dbol/adrol for FREE
Product results and effectivenes: Very effective. My workouts have been more intense and stregth is in a steady increase
5 out of 5 rating for GRG Labs Steroid Source Reviews

GRG Is beyond good to go! There customer service is by far the best really helpful in everything they helped me plan out my cycle how to take it and how much quantity I needed. I'll deff be buying more goods from grg in our near future !
Communication & Ordering process: Communication 5+ stars each time I sent a message got a reply within minutes! Same with ordering couldn't be any easier scratch and send!
Delivery & Packaging: Delivery was always within 2 days very fast! And packaging couldn't be any more discreet and safe bubble wrapped in vacuum sealed bag!
Products Ordered: Tren ace/Anadrol/test prop/ tren no ester
Product results and effectivenes: Just pinned TrNE today for the first time ever and I was fucking lit out of my mind best pwo ever looking forward to starting my cycle.
5 out of 5 rating for GRG Labs Steroid Source Reviews

everything about them is 5 star. had a small hiccup with everything (nobodys fault) and it was more than taken care of!! I was taken such good care of that I didnt hesitate to order more from GRG a week after my first pack arrived. great lab, great communication, and excellent customer service!! Highly recommend to anyone on here
Communication & Ordering process: communication was great throughout the entire process and even after the pack was delivered
Delivery & Packaging: after package was shipped, 2 days later it was at my door
Products Ordered: test p/tren a blend--for the small issue we had hey threw in extra of the blend, a bottle of letro, AND some drol/dbol caps!! was not expecing anything extra for the issue either, thats just how they do business
Product results and effectivenes: so far only a few pins in with the blend, no pip at all tho. ready to see how it feels in a few weeks
5 out of 5 rating for GRG Labs Steroid Source Reviews

This lab is a class act. Very professional even when I bitched for no good reason, I was treated with respect and courtesy every step of the way. I have a very small number of posts but I would not choose another lab after this. GTG and other labs should take notes from this lab. Even after I bitched for no good reason whatsoever, my var (yes var) was doubled ????? Holy shit !!!!!!!! Love you guys.
Communication & Ordering process: Quick, professional and easy as my mom.
Delivery & Packaging: Perfect, fast, discreet.
Products Ordered: D-Bol and Var.
Product results and effectivenes: Took this morning and WOOOOOOOSH !! Go and get you some skeeter.
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5 out of 5 rating for GRG Labs Steroid Source Reviews

Great experience. Bummed that grims gone for a couple weeks.. i really do hope he returns.
Communication & Ordering process: great. emails exchanged daily
Delivery & Packaging: Other UGLs need to take notes. bubble wrapped and vacuum sealed. this us how you do it people.
Products Ordered: 30ml suspension, 30 50mg cialis capsules , tren ace
Product results and effectivenes: the cialis is awwwwesome. never had taken it before but i can use this thing as a kick stand. suspension is working great, my first time with a water based prosuct and im loving it. 100% fire. havent tried the tren yet but if its as good as the other two products very very happy. this guy is great, if hes answering emails hes g2g look no further. honest guy to.
5 out of 5 rating for GRG Labs Steroid Source Reviews

I've placed a few orders with these guys and am about to place another... every step of the way they've worked with me, from honoring a sale a day or two late (my bad on that, but they went above and beyond) to quick email replies to even making a quick custom blend for me last time around. I've ordered from one or two of the other big name guys, and while their product is great, and no bones about the service, I just like doing business with GRG!Communication & Ordering process: Clear, fast, and frequentDelivery & Packaging: discreet, well packed, small enough to fit in my little lobby mail boxProducts Ordered: Test E, Test C, Prop, WinnyProduct results and effectivenes: All good on all fronts!
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