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I ran the injectables for grizzlyroids and they are pretty good. zero complaints on that end. however I started to try their oral anabolics steroids and something is definitely wrong
This anavar gave me crazy appetite increase like on day 2. Definitely something fishy going on here
Also there winstrol sped up my heart rate like crazy. I felt like I was getting some weird chest issues going on and I got my heart rate tested and it was like 110
I think they are selling fake orals for sure
The forums should be resources of learning in all aspects, from how to use things safely and properly as well as learning about quality of products... if you look through reviews, posts, logs and more you can get answers to all of this and when you do look into it, one constant that is always there is that is always on the list of top places!
[FONT=&quot]Dylan has you completely covered! For the best quality sarms and peptides make sure to check out either Umbrella Labs or Sarms4Sale! [/FONT]
bros keeps scamming but they got buyers as they hijack google results
I have nothing against but I see so many bad reviews so I don't know what to believe with them. not good source, no trust or support and too many reviews of them selling fakes.
Domestic-supply. Domestic-supply domestic supply....should I repeat myself????????
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