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Hello everyone, I am new to steroids. I am 180 cm and currently 83kgs. I recently did blood work and my system is all okay. Test levels , cortisol and all that. All I’ve done is anavar which was a 7 week cycle . I did pct after that even though I read in some forums that pct is not required after anavar .
Right now I am planning on doing some injectables and starting off a new cycle.
Probably a 10 week cycle ( I am open to suggestions) 250mg Test E, 100mg Primo and 20-30mg Anavar. This is the current stack I am thinking about.
Few advices I got were to Blast and cruise. But some said do PCT. What would be better? Also the current stack I am planning, is it good or is there something better that you guys can suggest me?

I am sorry I am a complete beginner so please be kind with the responses, I really don’t know much but I would love to learn more from you guys

Thank you .
bro dont waste time and $$$ wit 100mg primo Run test at 400mg 10 weeks run anavar last 6 weeks at 50mg daily if your bf is sub 12%
Make sure you log it and keep us up to date on diet and training
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