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Gyno worries

Morning team. Look I’ve fucked up I trained chest had a great work out then noticed the doms were hanging around longer than usual so started playing with my right nipple and a tiny amount of milk came out. And I found a pea sized lump behind my nipple. I’ve got Aromasin but I’ve forgotten to take it sometimes I’m been back on that at 12.5mg eod I also have nolvadex and clomid. This is my first cycle I’m 6weeks in on about 350-370mg test per week and 30mg of tbol per day. Im taking tudca fish oil and cycle assist I couldn’t get n2guard in aus so that’s why I went with cycle assist
dont forget to take aromasin and you will be fine
I would stop the cycle and run a full PCT. See where you end up after that. Then if you need to run the anti-gyno protocol do it. Best to try before getting surgery.
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