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Halo vs Tren


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I know tren has a anabolic rating of 500. I couldn't a rating for Halo, but i have read that halo is extremely harsh on the liver and other organs. So my question is which one is more powerful in terms of sheer muscle gains?
Halotestin has an Anabolic/Androgenic ratio of 1,900/850. Trenbolone has an Anabolic/Androgenic ratio of 500/500.

Gram per gram, halo is such stronger then tren. However, halo is one of the worst steroids you can possibly put into your body in the way of side effects. It is an extremely powerful steroid, but also extremely harsh in the way of side effects. It is extremely liver toxic. I don't recommend using halo longer then 4 weeks without a break. Halo is most commonly used in short 2-3 week cycles pre-contest for it's hardening effects on the physique and dramatic strength gains the drug causes.

For the goals of building muscle, you would be much better off using a higher dosage of tren then halo. Tren is bad in the way of side effects as well, but not near as bad as halo.
A lot of people use halo only for competitions, such as increasing strength and aggression.

In terms of bodybuilding, I would also go with tren
Trenbolone is a much healthier and safer alternative to halotestin. Yes, it migh be indeed extremely powerful, but its harsh side effects can easily negate those benefits. Therefore, trenbolone would be a much better alternative.
the on paper ratio's for halo are ridiculous but that doesn't translate to real life

i've used it twice and frankly i got way better results on var in terms of strength gains and it supposedly is 'weak'

just goes to show you how useless those ratio's are and you should never go by them
I've used Halo and Tren.

The 2 times I used Halo, my Liver Enzymes were over Double the Upper Parameters on the Blood Test within 1 Month.

All the times I've used Tren ~ E and A ~ Liver Enzymes stayed within the Parameters of the Blood Test............................ JP
Halo is garbage, unless..

A) You’re a powerlifter.

B) You respond to it extremely well pre-contest.
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