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Has anyone used Pyramid Labs - Sus 250?

I've heard the brand you want is Sus 250 by Oraganon but can't seem to source any.. Sorry! first time user here so want to make sure I'm doing the right thing. Happy to hear any advice you might have.
Hey bro word was a while ago they turned into scam sight not 110% sure on it but use the trusted source we have here mate


All have good solid reviews I'm currently using ugl products and they are great 💪
Mast enanthate 100mg🤔 hmmmm sounds like a pyramid scheme
Primo is only enanthate ester I've seen at 100mg/ml, that's so strange to have Masteron at that dose.see some sources recently with primo e at 200mg/ml,why is it mostly at a lower mg per ml rate.souxh pinning volume to run high doses.
I’ve used a few products from them and has been fine and worked well but the sus250 made my estro very unstable very quickly but it also my first time using that compound so maybe that’s why. the test,tren, bold was fine
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