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HCG is Dangerous part 2


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In this article, we discuss the dangers of using HCG during PCT. Did you know HCG shuts you down? Read on to find out how HCG can ruin your life...

HCG Dangers Part 2:

I highly recommend anyone wanting more information on the topic to listen to episode #74 of the evolutionary radio podcast ->

The only time I can see HCG having merit is for someone who has been on TRT for a long time who is trying to get their wife pregnant.

Besides that individual circumstance, I feel that HCG does more harm then good.

Ask anyone why they include HCG in their cycle/PCT lay out and they will give you a bioscience answer. I have not once heard a proper scientific answer as to why HCG should be a part of a cycle or PCT lay out.
hcg for male fertility is a myth.

there is zero medical evidence that proves it works for that. the only thing that has any medical merit to work to increase male fertility is clomid + vitamin. other than that doesn't exist.

with all the fines, FDA shut downs, people sent to prison it still is amazing people still buy hcg to lose weight. social media is filled with people who push the hcg diet. just proves how marketing and advertising fools people. these indian scammer sites make a fortune selling hcg.
I look at it from a more simple point of view.

Do I really want to be injecting something that is suppressive and causes estrogen to rise just to make my balls a little bigger?

Who cares if your balls shrink a bit on cycle. There are some things you just deal with while running hormones.

I would much rather use a natural product like HCGenerate on cycle and HCGenerate ES while in PCT.
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