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hcgenerate es long term benefits?


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so yeah a momth or month and a half i finished a testosterone cycle which was to be my first one yet, half way trough the cycle i figured how stupid id be for running a cycle at 19 and stopped, btw i ran test enan and 3 weeks after my last pin did pct with 125, 100, 50, 50 clomid but still suffered from a bit of low libido, i started taking zinc, vitamin d3, tribulus and cranberry extracts, and that eas the first time after my cycle that i was ROCK hard down there, from that moment i ordered all of the ingredients for hcgenerate es except fenugreek, and i can even get harder now and am better in bed.
my balls still havent really dropped back, but i was wondering if when i discontinue the use of all those supplements, will i still keep the rock hard benefits down there? like do they have long term benefits or not?
sorry for the long post peepz!
It will take some time for you to get recovered completely, so do not expect to get back to the same shape in this regard as before right after stopping taking all those supplements. Also, I am pretty sure that you would get much better results with HCGenerate ES, because it is not only about the ingredient list, but also about the quality and concentrations of the ingredients. All in all, the results should be quite good from the original HCGenerate, but I can not tell for sure in your case, because you just have different ingredients, and I don't know about their quality.

Luckily, you are rather young, so your body should be able to get recovered.
yeah i litterally got all the ingredients from the ES version and watched that i get the concentration of them right too, everything ia the same except fenugreek, most of them i got from a website called iherb, i mean i was only on cycle for 5 weeks i think, did the pct and am still supplementing with all those
i usually have sex everyday, and today it was the first thing in the morning i did, went smoothly, but now in the afternoon the buddy down was a bit skechy, idk if my body is just exhausted from the constant intercourse, or my buddy just isnt right huh
whats your opinion?
if i could afford to use hcgenerate ES year round I would. it naturally keeps prolactin in check for one, and second it keeps you a mule in the bedroom year round. to save money though what I do is use it after cycle then switch to the more econoimically affordable hcgenerate.
I agree with what @stevesmi said

HCGenerate ES stands for HCGenerate ES. The ES version is quite a bit stronger but also much more expensive then the regular HCGenerate.

It's kind of like comparing a Toyota to a Lexus. Both are going to do a great job and get you from A to B but you get that extra UMPH and some nice extras with the Lexus.

If you aren't coming off a steroid cycle and just looking for a natural testosterone boost, I think the regular version will be more then sufficient. I would get the 2 pack option because it's a little bit cheaper then purchasing individual bottles and run both bottles back to back at 5 capsules/day for 60 days.
You get a full 60 day cycle for $145 that way.

If you are using the product in a PCT where the goal is to restart your body's natural testosterone production that has been shut down from steroid usage, then I would use the ES version.
i was actually asking if some of the benwfits stay when you disconti ue usage but yeah haha
thanks a lot everybody for the helpful replies! any info is still welcome
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