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HCGenerate ES?


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Hi gang, I’m preparing to start my first ever cycle, lgd 10 mg/day 8 weeks. 37 yo, 5’9” 165 lb, 12% body fat.

My question is on the PCT - just curious about why HCGenerate ES is the ONLY natty test booster recommended when there are so many different ones on the market? And the competitors are less than half the price? I don’t mind paying for superior quality, but I also don’t like spending money unnecessarily...wondering if I need this for $140 when I can get another test booster for $100 less...? Are we paying for the “ES?”
look at what is in ES and the dosages.

you won't find anything stronger on the market for less than what it sells for.
Whenever shopping for supplements - look at BOTH the ingredients in the product and the dosages listed.

You get what you pay for with anything in life. If a product is super cheap, it probably only contains trace amounts of the active ingredient. Large dosages of potent herbal extracts are not cheap.

It's kind of like this - taking a teaspoon of protein powder after your workout. Right idea but the dosage is too small to actually benefit from it.
brother you get what you pay for...i use hcgenerate es in pct and does wonders on my recovery....
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