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Helladrol Training Regimen


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Does anyone/suggest a well thought out workout program for a helladrol. I have been looking just cannot find anything I like...I read a little bit into Bill Starr's 5x5 3 day split which seemed pretty interesting and effective. Does anyone know how effective that would be for my cycle (with adding some extra lifts on the training days to get parts that aren't hit as hard)
Just wondering what if i could run that or anything that is possibly more effective for my ten weeks (6 on plus 4 PCT)

I have seen mixed reviews on what type of training split people run (3days/week, 4days/week, 2 on 1 off etc)... just looking for what would be the most effective way to see the highest amount of gains.

Here's the link for the Bill Starr:
Nutribody | Bill Starr's Intermediate 5x5 Workout
In all honesty, my training split would be the same whether it was on a cycle or not.

You need a good training plan no matter what. Now if you're using gear, you could possibly go a little harder and maybe cut down on some rest due to the increase in recovery. Aside from that, though, there really shouldn't be anything different.
How often do you suggest to train on cycle 3day/week 4day/week...?? Also, how do you like splitting up your body throughout the week?
How often do you suggest to train on cycle 3day/week 4day/week...?? Also, how do you like splitting up your body throughout the week?

It's just a preference thing. There's really no right answer. I, personally, go with a 5 day split for different muscle groups:

- Arms
- Legs
- Delts/Traps
- Chest
- Back

However, a good full-body workout EOD is fine, as well. It's all preferential and you'll see good info on virtually any.
I say it would really depend on your goals. I have heard at volume is the key to growing. But if you wanna see big numbers than you are going to have to higher weights.

HST protocol says to resist adding more weight and just add more reps for growth.
I know it's really user dependent though as is you are a hard gainer than you are going to need to do strength work on cycle because the caloric demands on building muscle are usually just too high to handle the metabolic work of high volume.
i have gotten the most mass on cycle training this way...

i do 4 sets of 10 on each body part i am training as fcking heavy as i can possibly go... basically hypertrophy...

i split body parts... so Monday I do chest and traps... tuesday i do back and biceps and wednesday i do shoulders and triceps... thursday the same as monday, friday the same as tuesday and saturday the same as wednesday...

Now, every 6 weeks and switch the body parts that are being worked together and that really helps as well...

you will notice i don't train legs but that is because i run 50 miles a week and stairclimb another 50... you need to work your legs into that somehow as well...

this is what has worked for me...
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