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HGH Fragment 176-191 explained


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Did you know HGH Fragment 176-191 is an alternative to HGH? but is really a true alternative? read to see for yourself...

HGH Fragment 176-191:

very interesting article... that is a lot cheaper option for sure
i've use this and it works to an extent but there's FAR better options... its so touchy when it comes to timing, food intake etc... its good for some but definitely not for me...
havent used it either but i bet it would be good in a stack with some other peps like ipam and cjc
I was thinking about adding Frag to my next sarms/peptide cycle on my AAS downtime. Also was looking into IGF Lr3, I like the benefit of not loosing the muscle off cycle. Keep the good information flowing bro's.
Ehhh. If u can just run hgh. Why only use a fragment. Use the real thing and get all the benefits


Right... I want the real thing. Pretty interesting though.
Haven't used 191 before. Did try ipamorelin,Mod, GrGh and not the same as actual th for sure. That said, thanks for the info!

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