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hgh fragment 176 191


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wtf is this “hgh fragment 176 191” I got an email from a source from china and it is all broken English, what is this product and could it even be legit?
"Mario" we shoudl first address the fact that you should never consider buying ANYTHING to put in your body yourself from China. Yes all of the good steroids come from china, but you leave that to the experts with connections, you do not buy from broken/English spammers. If you are lucky, you will get nothing in the mail.

Here is your link bro:
I would not trus this source at all. These peptide companies are full of fake products or just out right scam. I would give Nutrobal a try as suggested by Muskate. It has the same effects as HGH.
This sounds really creepy and dangerous. First of all, you should never get stuff from sources who need to rely on spamming potential customers, instead of offering high quality products that will brings clientelle to them. Secondly, it is a very risky enterprise to deal with the chinese, and get some powders from them. You will never know what they are sending you, and you will not be able to do anything to them.
these people are making a fortune off naïve americans sending snake oil through the mail.

it has become an epidemic in China and their govt turns the other way cause they have enough problems
Hgh frag is a peptide that only contains a part of the original hgh sequence. It's the part that helps most with weight loss. I used it for a year and had great results. My girl, at the time, was doing swimsuit promotions and used it with even better results. I used a company based out of Miami to order from and never questioned the quality. I found them after looking for a source of mt2. Im not sure if i can give the company's name due to board rules.
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