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HGH plus Cardarine?


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I am 6'1" 255 lbs and I have been on a Tren E, Sustanon, dianabol cycle for 4 weeks... Just started a long cycle of HGH at 4iu a day split in 2 doses... If I take Cardanine with the HGH will they have a synergistic effect and she'd off the fat faster?
yes. cardarine is great to add to any cycle.. it is non hormonal and safe to use.
Cardarine is great for fat loss and can be stacked with anything. It is non-hormonal and non-stimulant so it is easy to add to any stack. Not only does it directly burn fat but it also increases your v02 max which makes your cardio and training a breeze. You will be able to go for longer and at a higher intensity with less effort.
Yes. The two would have a synergistic effect.

You should listen to the podcast where we had my good friend and national level bodybuilding judge Joe Moniz on ->

He talks about the synergetic effect of HGH and cardarine. Your HGH dosage looks good. I would do your first 2iu dosage first thing in the morning before breakfast and your second 2iu dosage post workout. I would take 20mg of cardarine with your pre workout meal.

Cardarine + hgh/nutrobal is a great fat loss stack.
Thanks muskate - I've been doing 2iu in the AM before work and 2iu a bit before bedtime, but I will switch it to post workout now... Appreciate it!
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