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Hgh really hcg from


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purchase a bunch of kits of HGH from ironanabolics
I've been on them for a few weeks and I'm suspecting that it's not real
I got a pregnancy test and tested out the hgh
It turned out positive
this likely means that it contain hcg instead of hgh
I feel stupid for trusting them!
happens all the time

use napsgear if you want trusted products
The best source you will find by far is Domestic Supply... They have been an industry leader over a decade and is the go to source for so many!
[FONT=&quot]Domestic Supply is who I use exclusively! I have never had this kind of quality and I love having many different top brand name options![/FONT]
more and more scammers are coming out strong
You must use approved sources when buying gear that you will inject into your body. Few dollars saving is NOT worth it
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