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HGH with sarms - How to use ?

I am talking about GH which is not "pharma grade" but UG (but very good quality regarding the blood test).

This is why I was considering 4 ui ED
Hi guys,

I am planning taking HGH with GW501516 and SR9009 and I would like to have your point of view regarding how to take it.

I was thinking to take 2,5 UI right after the wake up (07h00 AM) then eat 30 minutes after, and 2,5 UI right after the workout. (07h30 PM).

I am doing Crossfit and weightlifting 6 times a weeks. 1m81 - 92kg - 10-12% bodyfat.

My goal is to prevent injuries and recover faster from training.

Thanks you :)

It's an easy stack really the hurl is getting real deal legit HGH but one you do then just shooting it in the morning and dosing your SARMS as normal will work.
Just one HGH injection per day so ? Just after wake up and eat 30 minutes after ?

you can take hgh anytime man. the whole take it while fasted is because while fasted your gh goes up so right before you eat taking the hgh will keep it elevated.
Just one HGH injection per day so ? Just after wake up and eat 30 minutes after ?

I do hgh in AM 2 IUs and 30min later eat a protein rich meal 50/30/20 meal. 50% protein 30% carbs 20% fat
am HGH 4 IUs
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For me morning only and big meal 30min later or so
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