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High Blood Pressure

Job is more important man. I would just stop the cycle and get healthy again. Your body is toxic right now from the gear. Going forward, run SARMs instead of steroids so you don't run into these issues.
Yeah I've give the rest of my gear away, got blood pressure pills from the doctor hopefully they work quickly.

Cheers for all the advice gentlemen 👊🏼
I tried to get onto the N2gaurd at the start of my cycle. I've been using fish oil, livtox, milk thistle, zinc, magnesium and other general stuff like multis and vitamin B

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I have full medicals and fitness for all my jobs. This is for Woodside but anything mining or oil and gas

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I'm not sure but I've had 3 medicals already this year, if it were elevated they would have told me

Slightly elevated (as I missed in an earlier post). How's the bodyweight - have you gained a bunch?
Stay hydrated. It will help quite a bit. If I’m dehydrated myself. It will read 144-150/84-89
If I’m hydrated 127-133/76-79 quite a difference.

Do cardio, workout regularly, if it’s high for a long time even after you stop maybe look in blood pressure meds.

Diet. What’s you’re good look like? Are you actually eatting healthy.
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