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High Quality Creatine - N2BM Ancient Strength

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What is Ancient Strength by N2BM Nutrition?

Ancient strength is N2BM’s top of the line Creatine product for those bodybuilders looking for the very best Creatine product on the market. It is formulated with three(3) different versions of Creatine which combined will yield more desirable effects than on their own.
The benefits of Creatine are well documented as it is probably one of the most popular nutritional supplement ingredient to be used in decades. There are literally thousands of nutritional products across the world that contain creatine in its many forms. Creatine is favored by nutritional supplement manufacturers since its effects can be felt within the first day of use and so customers really “feel” the product working.
The smart guys who formulate the N2BM Nutrition products had the idea of creating the ultimate Creatine stack to sell direct to their customers. We all know that the more raw material you put into a product, the higher the production cost of that product. Simple mathematics is something that keeps the large distribution brands away from making a creatine product like Ancient Strength. The cost of putting effective dosages of three different types of creatine in a single bottle will really hurt margins for all of the middlemen involved in national distribution. With all of the passing hands of the product, everybody from the distributor to the stores wants their cut. No matter what the creatine product still has to hit the store shelf at a target price to compete. With N2BM Nutrition you do not have this problem since the company only sells direct, it has the freedom to formulate the best product for the consumer and not worry about margins for middlemen. Ancient Strength is proof of this mentality of just making the absolute best product possible, and sell it direct to the customer at a competitive price.

What is creatine?

In all of its forms Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid that serves many functions in the generation of energy and recovery in our bodies. If you are a meat eater then you get most of the Creatine in your body from the foods you eat, since creatine is most abundant in vertebrate muscle tissue you get a supply of it every time you eat meats. Vegetarians get most of their creatine from production in their liver and kidneys where the amino acids, glycine, and L-methionine, L-arginine are processed to manufacture creatine.
Your body always has enough creatine to live and make the energy it needs, but if you supplement it, your body will take more in and will utilize more of it in its process. All of creatine’s functions are enhanced from the increased amount in your diet from supplementing it. This compound has been reported by guys here on Evo to create positive aesthetic and performance effect that you can see from the first day of use. Further below this post you can see what I’m talking about.

Really trying to sound technical here guys, I’m not one of those types. I can tell you that creatine is stored in our muscle cells and our body puts it to use as a source of energy commonly known as phosphocreatine. It is this same Phosphocreatine that is needed for power output of the muscle cells. When phosphocreatine is depleted out of the muscle, you feel fatigued. Pumping your muscles full of creatine is a proven method to generate increased phosphocreatine output while performing anaerobic exercises. So your muscles have more strength, endurance and delayed fatigue when they are full of super-biological amounts of creatine.

Why is creatine so popular among athletes and bodybuilder?

Creatine is very popular today because it just works. This ingredient first hit the nutritional supplement scene in the mid 90’s when Bill Phillips the then owner of EAS (Experimental and Applied Science) released a bottle of Creatine Monohydrate powder marketed under the brand name Phosphagen. Much of the initial marketing on this product was done through his paper magazine “Muscle Media 2000” this was the first paper magazine with national distribution that actually talked about and discussed anabolic steroids. Dan Duchane was one of the main writers for the magazine and even he gave creatine the thumbs up.
Creatine Monohydrate is the very first form to have been marketed to the supplement consumer, through the years many new versions have come into existence, each with its own improvements. There are currently over 12 different forms of creatine available on the market although it is questionable how much better the new versions are than the original monohydrate version.
Creatine in its many forms still remains one of the most popular nutritional ingredients in the world. As stated earlier in this article the reason it is so popular is because it just plain works. With so many options, the consumers always enjoy a product that makes them feel a difference on the first day, and provides aesthetic improvements within a week and creatine does just this and does it well.
What are the benefits of adding creatine to my supplement regimen?

Creatine has many benefits both in the short term and long-term, and it helps with both performance and aesthetics. It can be used preworkout, during workouts, after your workout and even for contests preparation during the carbohydrate loading the night before the show. Since creatine causes intramuscular water retention, it really helps deliver fluids into the muscle and not under skin, making for a tighter more ripped look the day of the contest. Many weight class athletes use creatine after weigh-ins so that it helps replenish their muscles from dehydration stemming from the weight cut.
Below is a list of the key benefits creatine supplementation has for the weight trained athlete or those interested in maximum endurance.

-Increased recovery from exercise.

-Enhanced bone healing after trauma.

-Increased endurance during intense exercise.

-Increased muscle volume, creatine increases water retention within the muscle.

-Increased brain power, creatine acts as a neuroprotectant.

-Protects the muscle from wasting because of old age.

-Enhances performance in vegetarians.

Who takes creatine?

-The Bodybuilder looking fuller muscles and more strength.

-The strength athletes wanting more energy to train longer.

-The endurance athlete looking for more stamina.

-The person recovering from a bone break.

-The senior population as a health support.

-Those who suffer from neurodegerative disease.

-Vegetarias that would have naturally low levels of creatine.

What types of creatines are there in Ancient Strength by N2BM?

The serving amount is 3 tablets and in typical N2BM fashion you get a 30 day supply, so about 90 tabs.
Each serving of three tabs contains:

Creatine Monohydrate………………………………….4,551mg
Creatine HCL……………………………………………300mg
Creatine Pyruvate………………………………………150mg

Creatine Monohydrate – this is the classic creatine that many still know and love. It is dosed heavy at four and a half grams, that is important.
Creatine HCL – This form of Creatine he become all the rage the last few years, some of the most popular creatine products on the market contained this form. You get it in Ancient Strength as well, the claim to fame is that it is so available that you need less of it for it to work.
Creatine Pyruvate – Many would argue that on paper this is one of the most potent forms of creatine, it is a designer compound that was designed to enhance muscular energy.
Nice write up bro.. Great information here. A lot of people are constantly asking about Creatine. Here is your Ancient Strength write up
Ancient strength is an awesome creatine formula. I just ordered 4 bottles of this stuff myself
What's the exact name of creatine as I can't search it in my website( BOC Sciences, a biochemical website)?
Hi Lads!

I've got a problem with my sports nutrition and I need some help! As a creatine I took Dymatize Nutrition, BCAA Complex 2200, I purchased it on iherb but some of my friends told me that it would be better if I changed it.
What's the exact name of creatine as I can't search it in my website( BOC Sciences, a biochemical website)?

There's quite a bunch on the site you mentioned. Ancient Strength is made up of three ingredients. The main one is the worlds most popular form - Creatine Monohydrate. It also contains Creatine HCL and Creatine Pyruvate.

When in need of knowledge I find you ask, or you look. Need To Build Muscle does have it's ingredients listed...
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