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By Anita Ramsey & Curtis Schultz​
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The Holidays are right around the corner. Don’t fret, Santa knows if you’ve been bad or good. But really, for the most part, the Holiday season is about having FUN! So, let’s have some fun this season in some non-traditional ways.

The season is about giving, being with family and friends, making merriment, going to all those Holiday parties, drinking eggnog, and of course, feasting on all those awesome goodies we’ve deprived ourselves from because of contest dieting. Then there are all those presents. Tis the season to give, right? But, what do you give a Muscle Head? Be realistic now, what do you get someone who goes to the gym everyday, lifts iron plates, should own their own chicken farm, and poses all day in front of a mirror? A bigger mirror! That’ll do it. For real, if your fitness fanatic is like the above, and most are, then you have a serious task in finding the right gift for that individual.

The first holiday we shared together, and that was over a decade ago, Curtis had no idea what to get me; you see I’m one of those bodybuilders we just described. Of course I got diamond earrings. What a great husband! Hey, even female bodybuilders like diamonds. But, what do you get that bodybuilder? Well, here are a few unique gift ideas.

Cards are great, but what about doing something a little different for that someone special. Here is an inexpensive way to express your feelings but not in a card – in a coupon book. What is your partner wishing for? I mean, what are the things they really want? To make the cover of Ironman magazine? (Hint! Hint!) Maybe that coveted IFBB Pro card? Reality check, OK I’m back now. That elusive first place trophy at the Team Universe or the USA. A trip to Venice, California, the Mecca of bodybuilding. A luncheon and after meal cigar with Arnold? Come on, I know you can think of more. Just ask. So, what’s stopping you from giving all that? Nothing, it’s easy. All you need is a little imagination, some paper, a pair of scissors, tape, some colored markers or a pen, ribbon or a shoe string, and all those bodybuilding magazines that are just lying around the house. Spread the magazines all over the floor. Cut out the advertisement with that necklace. Cut out a Trophy. Cut around the names of shows, events, places – anything you can think of. Add a little sentiment to each picture. You can add more spice to the card by adding your own little inserts. Curtis did a drawing with Mickey and Mini driving in a hot rod with this caption; “Here’s a coupon for one FREE ride with me to Disney.” I always wanted to meet Bev Francis. So, there was a coupon for one FREE workout with Bev Francis. Put them all together and tie it up with the shoestring or a nice ribbon from an old Christmas bow. Stuff it in their stocking. You can’t buy this kind of stuff.

[FONT=&quot]Here is another inexpensive gift idea that will make a huge impression on the muscle-head that’s in your life. When Curtis and I met I had already started in on my journey through the bodybuilding ranks. So, he took all my contest pictures that were collecting dust in the closet and made a framed picture collage. If you do have extra money then take your collage in to a professional framing place and have them mat and frame the collage. Or you can do it yourself

[/FONT] with an inexpensive frame from Wal-Mart or K-Mart. An 11x17-sized frame will do the trick and purchase black or white poster board for the background. Arrange the pictures in chronological order or mix them up. Have they gotten any magazine articles or has their picture been in a magazine? That’s another framing idea that will make a great gift. Neatly clip that article and place it in a nice frame. Then they’ll be on the wall for all to see when company comes to visit. Another great way to add something to the frame is to take their favorite 8x10 photo and the plate off of the contest trophy and place it at the bottom of the picture frame. Or, you can make your own nameplate. Engraving usually goes for around 20 cents a word. Put the person’s name, contest name, date of the contest or when the photo was taken, and any other special expression you would like to add. Speaking of trophies collecting dust? Here’s a great way to keep those memories and the accomplishment all together in a less cluttered way. First, you have to find a way to get those trophies away from them. When you accomplish this take the nameplates off each trophy and place them within a picture frame or plaque – It looks great!

Now, isn’t that a nice way to show your muscle star how much you care and supportive you are by regarding their dedication in the sport of bodybuilding with all these framed gifts.

Is your bodybuilder a personal trainer? Do they work promoting companies or modeling? Well, maybe they need a new set of business cards or even some picture business cards. Picture business cards are like small billboards making them the best way for your bodybuilder to promote and market themselves. Do they get a lot of fan mail? Then, how about some personalized stationary. A big box of their very own stationary to send their reply letters out to all those fans. A first class stationary idea is to take a picture, that same picture you had placed on the business card and have it blurred in the background of the paper. So, when you look at the paper you can see their picture. Now that looks classy.

Let's face it: Stocking stuffers are often overlooked. No one really considers them until the big night rolls around and the panic sets in -- frantic hands grab some candy here, snag a bar of fancy soap and (voila!) the stocking is stuffed. Now, we're not trying to say there is anything wrong with this tried- and-true method of stocking stuffing, but we do think that, with a little forethought, a few tremendous (and inexpensive) mini-gifts can forge their happy way into those velvet stockings.

Some of Those Delicious Protein Bars or Supplements
Wrap up little packages of the stocking owner's favorite treats in cellophane or plastic baggies. A great stocking stuffer is Better Protein Bars go to Then go the extra mile and attach recipe cards to each package -- it will enable the recipients to make their favorites for themselves. Other great stocking stuffers would include many of the other supplements that are offered by Need To Build Muscle. I am sure you know what your Bodybuilder is trying to accomplish, but if you do not know what supplements that may be best for them, do not hesitate to ask Need To Build Muscle or go to their forms, you will get lots of great advice and will certainly be able to provide the top quality products that will assist your bodybuilder in accomplishing their goals.

Most bodybuilding contests especially state; regional and national shows are video taped. All these tapes are available to purchase. And it fits perfect in a Santa stocking.

Gift Certificates
Get a jump on holiday shopping, eliminate the stress of searching for parking and waiting in long lines Try Gift Certificates! Gift certificates are the perfect solution if you don’t know what to get. Let them get it themselves. Every place has them just ask.

Do they need a new lifting belt? How about a brand new weightlifting belt? Even better, how about a customized and personalized weightlifting belt? You know you hate that old stinky piece of leather they keep tucked away in their gym bag. Replace that old belt with a new weight belt from Cardillo. Cardillo weightlifting belts can also be custom embroidered and personalized with different colors, styles, and messages - anything you want go to

Everyone can use weightlifting wrist straps as they are a very important tool for any lifter. Important, especially if you lift heavy as in, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting or Strongman competitions etc. Visit APT’S ONLINE STORE for cotton and Poly/Nylon lifting strap selections at

House of Pain offers the following items for sale in there ONLINE CATALOG. Clothing Items includes headgear, and many GREAT T-shirts. Men and women's weightlifting gym wear for bodybuilders. Many sizes are in-stock for immediate delivery! I wear HOP Gear all the time in the gym. It shows the attitude one should have when pumping cold steel.

How about a magazine subscription of your favorite muscle publication Ironman? ALL your favorite muscle magazines offer great holiday subscription prices. Check them out.

Christmas is a magical time for children and BIG children alike and receiving a personalized Santa Letter is part of that magic. Once again this year, personalized letters from Santa for your big children can be obtained at These letters are printed on authentic North Pole stationary and signed by Santa himself. Getting a personalized Letter from Santa would be fun! But be sure to order early this year because there is a limit to the number of letters sold. Each letter is different and written by Santa. Each letter costs ONLY $5.95 including S&H - payable with an online check or check/money order by mail or Major Credit Card.

These are just a few gift ideas for that special fitness competitor or bodybuilder in your life. Holidays are usually the time to kick back and reflect on last season’s competitions and get ready for a new year’s competitive schedule. So, remember, eat and be merry. You may not have another chance when the competitive juices get flowing again.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season
Anita Ramsey & Curtis Schultz
I want Santa to bring me: ntkts, more need2 gear, more need2 better bars, some need2 pancakes and some need2whay!
Where was this posted at, needto's name in lights, WOOT WOOT.

Some good ideas there :)
I gave the old man some balm and after only using it once before we went for our annual skate with the family. To me thats amazing but I've already expressed my love over and over again for the Balm!
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