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Anyone know how to brew Testosterone Phenyl-Propionate? Would it call for the same recipe as regular test prop
Anyone know how to brew Testosterone Phenyl-Propionate? Would it call for the same recipe as regular test prop

bro look it up Google. ill give a idea of what's up it will give a idea I mean you learn trial error on suspension

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I did google, but seems like Phenyl-prop is a bit rare, but ill just stick to the regular prop recipe
goodluck let us know how it goes I'm curious. phenalprop would be something I might try when ready for more its a 4 day I heard its actually the one that should be done twice a week.

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If I can get away with twice a week injections this will be my test go to. I just hope the quality is there with what I ordered, because I know the more exotic roids are the ones that turn out bunk. Really concerned about my tbol and var being fake or crap, but if it is all legit it should be a fun cycle for my friend. Ill let yall know how the cycle turns out.
Anyone know how to brew Testosterone Phenyl-Propionate? Would it call for the same recipe as regular test prop
I brewed Isocaproate 250 using the same recipe as Cypionate 250 and it suspended beautifully. I was going to go with phenyl-prop as well til I saw the chart below. I noticed Iso seems to pack the best punch for the med-longer length ester. Even so, I would like to try the phenylprop someday to see how it handles.

Steroid Remaining After Ester is Removed
100mg Testosterone Suspension (un-esterified Testosterone) = 100mg Testosterone
100mg Testosterone Acetate = 87.28mg Testosterone
100mg Testosterone Propionate = 83.72mg Testosterone
100mg Testosterone Isobutyrate = 80.45mg Testosterone
100mg Testosterone Pentanoate = 77.42mg Testosterone
100mg Testosterone Isocaproate = 74.61mg Testosterone
100mg Testosterone Benzoate = 73.47mg Testosterone
100mg Testosterone Enanthate = 71.99mg Testosterone
100mg Testosterone Cypionate = 69.9mg Testosterone
100mg Testosterone Caprylate = 69.56mg Testosterone
100mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate = 68.57mg Testosterone
100mg Testosterone-3-Phenylpropionate = 68.25mg Test
100mg Testosterone Decanoate = 65.15mg Testosterone
100mg Testosterone Undecanoate = 65.15mg Testosterone
100mg Testosterone Dodecanoate = 61.27mg Testosterone
Why is test isocaproate uncommon, especially with all the enanthate issues of recent from raws out of China?

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The only reason Isocaproate can be found is that its the medium chain ester found in Sustanon. I see esters on that list I've never heard of & couldnt hope to buy anywhere. On paper, Iso looks very attractive but it is much more expensive than the standard C or E. Im in the first week of switching from Cyp to Iso and I cant say Im impressed. Im wondering if the new compound needs its own fresh build up time? I thought I took care of that after the 3rd week of T Cyp, or maybe my brew is thinner than I thought
$100 is a good price for sure, I think I paid just about the same for some Kibby's.. Like $110 or so but shit if there's a set going for cheap used snag them
Is it better to roll with the Tren Enanthate or Parabolan?

I brewed some Tren Ace, but everyone seems much more interested in a blend or a longer ester.

It is my understanding that there are very few actual sources for real Parabolan....makes me kind of hesitant to invest in something with that reputation.

I have never heard anything about sources on Tren Enanthate. I know both are considered very hepatoxic....

I guess I am asking for your experience on the topic.
Para is retarded expensive. enanthate should be the same as ace. More bang for your buck with ace. 100mg per bottle vs 200-250mg
Yeah I just got the numbers from my raw source. I guess it is ace or enanthate. I am thinking of grabbing 10-20g's of the hex for personal use. I do appreciate the advice. Does anyone know if there is any truth to the longer lasting ester having less sides in terms of temperament?
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